[Bridge] smb or switch or bridge prob?

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Sun, 20 Feb 2000 00:46:03 -0700I have a “test” network set up here and I’m playing around with the newbridging code.Here’s my setup, then I’ll tell you the problem I’m having.|box1——-|10/100||box2——-|megabit||box3——-|switch|—————eth0 (10/100) on bridge box|etc eth1 (10/100) onbridge box———-|nt 4.0 PDC|| eth2 (10MB) onbridge box———-|10megabit hub|—//other computers-^ network1Ok, here’s the problem, all seems to work fine when the bridge connectedup instead of my switchconnected to the hub. But, when I try to connect to any other machinesdrive (except the linux samba machine) via SMBit fails. All else works fine, dhcp, ipmasqing, etc etc etc, I can evendo a net view \\insertname. If the switch and hub are connected directly(w/o bridge box) all the smb connections work fine. Any ideas. Thanks inadvance!–Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, andsuffering.