«Здесь был Вася» – Новая цветовая схема

Ну наконец то дошли руки поэксперементировать с CSS’кой движка и привести примерно к такому виду, какой он есть сейчас.

Лично мне напоминает какое то подобие крема или шоколада с темным молоком, эдакий коктейль. Хрен знает, мне нравится, хотя, может, у меня нет вкуса.

Единственное что – сделал сам сайт не резиновый, а со статичными размерами, поэтому справа на крупных разрешениях может быть пустое поле. Но не думаю, что оно сильно мешает? вроде пофиксил.

openROCK KDE mirror

The KDE Mirror

openROCK.net provides a complete mirror of the KDE binaries andsources on a fast colocatedserver in San Jose, California. The archive canbe accessed via ftp, http,nfs or rsync at openrock.net.

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More information about kde mirrors can be found athttp:/www.kde.org.

Running your own mirror off openrock.net

You can run your own mirror off openrock.net using RSYNC. Read themanpage of RSYNC and then use openrock.net:kde as the module to mirror.If you would like to have a push mirror setup (your mirror istriggered when the openrock.net mirror has completed an update of the site)then contact us to arrange such a setup.

[Bridge] Windows networking over bridge

Wayback MachineAbout this captureCOLLECTED BY Organization: Alexa Crawls Starting in 1996, Alexa Internet has been donating their crawl data to the Internet Archive. Flowing in every day, these data are added to the Wayback Machine after an embargo period. Collection: Alexa Crawls DE Crawl data donated by Alexa Internet. This data is currently not publicly accessible TIMESTAMPSloadingLennert Buytenhekbuytenh@gnu.org
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:12:54 +0100 (MET)On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Paul Meyer wrote:> Hi,Hello there, (Hey he’s Dutch!!!)> I’m currently running a windows network on 2 segments. The sever is on the> 10 Mbit segment, along with most of the workstations. Four workstations> are on the 100 Mbit segment. I am having trouble getting the bridge> (2.2.14br with 0.0.9)0.0.9? The VLAN code you mean?> [setup stuff snipped]Looks good.> Now, I can ping the bridge and it replies properly. I can ping from one> segment to the other. But when I use tcpdump (unpatched, not interested in> stp packets)The stp packets are only used for inter-switch (inter-bridge, actually)communication. They aren’t interesting for normal use.> I see far too little traffic.Yes, when you use it on the br0 interface. Only the packets destined forthe local machine will be propagated up the br0 interface. The br0 is afake interface, it’s just there to ‘cover up’ for the fact that thegroup of bridge ports are really only one port, seen from the bridge’spoint of view.If you’re interested in seeing everything you should run tcpdump on(one of) the slaves (the enslaved devices).I’m wondering… should I pass up all frames to the br0 device if itenters promiscuous mode? I guess I should…> Only TCP/IP is used on the windows machines. Sometimes, when a user> tries to copy (or save) a file to the server, the windows machine> hangs briefly and then tells the user that the network resource is> unavailable. After that, network drives can be browsed and copied> from, but no files can be tranfers TO the server. This problem occurs> randomly.Can you still ping from one segment to the other when this happens? Andthe other way around? Can you still ping the bridge when this happens?What kind of network cards are used in the bridge? Does your syslog giveyou any weird messages? Could you send the output of ‘brctl showbr br0’?groetjes,Lennert