E2compr 0.4 User Manual – Algorithm work

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  • I understand that a new release of zlib has been made, whichcorrects a bug that in rare circumstances results in incorrectcompression. The same bug probably exists in e2compr, so try tointegrate this change into e2compr.
  • Make the algorithms into kernel modules. This would reduce physicalmemory usage, and may have other advantages, e.g. adding a new algorithmwithout rebooting.
  • Build e2decompress with Checker, ElectricFence or something, and try toget it (and hence the kernel, which shares the compression algorithmsource code) to handle erroneous data better (i.e. without crashing).This isn’t all that important because we store a checksum on thecompressed data, which should usually protect us from trying todecompress corrupted data.

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