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Ways of contacting us

If there are any questions it is usually advisable first to look throughthe webpages and see if there is an answer available. The next step is tolook through the mailing lists and check if someone else has already had thesame issue. If there really is an important question that you cannot find any othersource of help for then please contact me directly by one of the meansbelow.

Contacting ChristophMethodAddress/UseridCommentsIRCo-oIf you find that I am on IRC try to /msg me or establisha /DCC chat connection. That will cause a window to pop up on my desktop andif I am online I will usually answerEmailchristoph@lameter.comThis is by all means the preferredway of direct communication for me. Note that I have a high email volume soplease make the nature of your request clear in the topic of the emailmessage.VoiceMail++510-401-3284 x1022This is a voicemail box that isdigitized and forwarded to my email account.Fax++510-401-3284 x1022Faxes send here will be forwarded tomy email address in digital form.