E2compr 0.4 User Manual – uninstall

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Decompress every file with `chattr -c’ (e.g.

find mountpoints -xdev -attr +cBD -print0 | xargs -0r chattr -c

), and then restore your kernel and the original copies of programs likee2fsck, lsattr, chattr, and find. (Itshouldn’t matter if you don’t restore original copies of thoseprograms.)

For e2compr versions 0.4 and onwards, you must also clear a certain flag in the superblock of each filesystem that you’ve had ext2-compressedfiles on. You can do this with the clear-e2c program that comeswith the e2c-ancil package. See the man page or `clear-e2c –help’ for how best to use it.

(Alternatively, if you don’t have clear-e2c handy but aren’tafraid to use a disk editor or dd, then just clear bit 0 from thebyte at offset 1120 of the filesystem. The offset is the sameregardless of the filesystem block size.)

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