Network unreachable after 6 Hours of bridging

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Sun, 30 Jan 2000 19:03:44 +0100Hi!I’m using 2.2.14 with the latest (200000122) bridgepatch. Works well, butafter 6 hours I cannot connect anymore from the bridge to the outsideworld. I think the reason for this is some kind of overflow in syslog (Istill get those “retransmitting” errors, see my previous postings) every 2seconds.Bridging still works, but the bridge-machine is disconnected…Any ideas?cuLars—————————————————————————–Pool is like rollerblading: you have to pretend you’re the cooly-wooliestperson on earth, while you’re quietly cringing inside.—————————————————————————–s

slave2. – Telemetry Control Center

Telemetry Control Center 1.1

This is a beta release of Telemetry Software. Help and/or feedback would be appreciated.

The Telemetry Software on this box allows remote management and diagnostics. The tool used for diagnostics is Netsaint. Data is kept in a SQLdatabase (Mysql). Netsaint has beenmodified to log to the SQL database. Configuration information can bemanaged via the SQL database and then exported to netsaint.

A discovery module can be used to scan a network or hosts for services and thengenerate an instrumentation with monitors for that network. There is anadvanced discovery module (siteROCK distributed) that allows scanningaccording to the types of service provided by siteROCK, which allows for aneasy integration should you select siteROCK for management services.

The (siteROCK distributed) Pathfinder module is used to analyze the network infrastructureto the hosts monitored and allows diagnostics on router performance andisolation of the cause of a a failure.

A (siteROCK distributed) Ticket system can be used to track problems. The ticketing systemcan work in syncronization with siteROCK services.

A (siteROCK distributed) reporting system can display the data in a variety of formats. A dashboardis available that draws some sources of information together.

Many additonal tools are usable if a telnet or ssh connectionto the box that has the Telemetry Software installed (Telemetry Box) is established. The webbased tools available are linked to from this page. Note that you might have to specify a valid userid and password of a user on the Telemetry Box (not the root account please) to access the remote configuration options. The user needs to be in the group adm.

More information can be found on Current issuescan be discussed on the mailinglists at

Some of the software running on this box is Apache,PHP4,MySQL andNetsaint.

Telemetry Software is a project by siteROCK Corporation to bring you tools needed to monitor and diagnose servers and networks. SiteROCK is providing 24×7 eCommerce Site Management Services managing the entire end user experience.

The Telemetry Software project is mostly based on Debian GNU/Linux 2.2.Support and information about Linux and additional software can be found at the Debian/Linux Homepage.