E2compr 0.4 User Manual – Quickstart

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User’s Manual for e2compr-0.4

(Comprises former README, FAQ and manual pages.)

Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Peter Moulder
Copyright (c) 1996 Antoine Dumesnil de Maricourt

Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatimcopies of this manual provided the copyright notice andthis permission notice are preserved on all copies.

Permission is granted to copy and distribute modifiedversions of this manual under the conditions forverbatim copying, provided also that the sectionsentitled “Copying” and “GNU General Public License”are included exactly as in the original, and providedthat the entire resulting derived work is distributedunder the terms of a permission notice identical to thisone.

Permission is granted to copy and distributetranslations of this manual into another language,under the above conditions for modified versions,except that this permission notice may be stated in atranslation approved by the Free Software Foundation.

You are encouraged to read the rest of the manual too, but this pageshould keep you out of the worst trouble.

Things not to compressDon’t try to compress swap files, kernel images to be loaded with LILO,or files on which you mount a loop device (with losetup). All ofthese subsystems (swap, loop driver, LILO) access the disk blocksstraight from the device rather than going through the filesystem.Other bootloaders, such as grub, are almost certainly the same, though Ihaven’t checked.Programs to avoidDon’t use a defragmenter other than the special e2compr version ofe2defrag. Don’t use dump-like backup programs that readfrom the device rather than going through the filesystem. See section E2compr interactions with other packages.How do I install e2compr?See section Installation instructions for e2compr-0.4.x. Main things to look out for are to check for any`.rej’ files from patch, and that you have an appropriateversion of e2fsck.Remember…This manual contains lots more useful information. If you have anytrouble, or are wondering how to do something, then this manual is agood place to start.

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