slave2. – Basic Documentation

Connections to the TBox

It is possible to connect to the Tbox via telnet, ftp, ssh , http,httpsas well as mysql (myODBC).

Tools to interface from Microsoft platforms to TBoxes arehere. An agent for NT canbe found here.


Upgrading requires a command line session with the Tbox and a superuserprompt. First you connect to the TBox as a regular user and then usesu to become superuser. You might be asked questions during theupgrade process. It is usually safe simply to press ENTER to use thedefaults and continue.

Upgrading to the newest release

Can be done by simply typing


Upgrading to an expanded set of tools and documentation

The expanded set contains lots of useful tools that were not included in thebasic release plus lots of Unix system documentation. To do that type

upgrade deluxe

Upgrading to a Workstation Setup

A workstation setup allows the use of a GUI (X-Windows Interface) on theTBox and turns the TBox from a monitoring Node into a full fledged UnixWorkstation with diagnostic abilities. Note that the process is not thatfinished yet. Manual intervention might be necessary. Answer No to allquestions for X configuration. Type

upgrade workstation

Other software available

There are around 4000-5000 more software packages available that could beinstalled using the upgrade name-of-software procedure. Availablesoftware can be browsed with the following command:

apt-cache search keyword

Information about a specific package can be seen using:

apt-cache show software

The upgrade script is a simple script running apt-get andapt-cache commands. Please review the manpage of those two toolsand of dpkg ifyou want to add lots of other software to the system or repurpose the systemhere (everything is installed to make this a powerful web-server given yougot APACHE, PHP and MySQL already running on this machine).

A plea to preserve the integrity of the system

Please avoid compiling software from source. Most of the opensource toolsknown to me are already available as binaries, packaged up the way neededand those version have gone through a QA process. Use the precompiledbinaries before attempting to build software from source.

Please put all software build from source into /usr/local. Softwareinstalled elsewhere might interfere with the packagemanager and might beoverwritten on upgrade.

Software is installed according to certain standards for file locations.Documentation is always found in /usr/doc/packagename. Forexampe /usr/doc/apache contains apache documentation. Configurationfiles are located in /etc or in /etc/packagename/.Apache configuration files can be foud in /etc/apache/.

Some helpful commands for packages:

List all files in a package

dpkg -L packagename

View package description and locations of configuration files

dpkg -s packagename