Advantages of closed source OS like iOS

There is a lot of discussion going on between close-source OS and open Source OS. A tract of argument is there for choosing orificial source as it is the fastest way to grow quickly. But I am sure that this advantage with open source OS could breathe labeled with disadvantage too. Und So Weiter the advantage offered with close-source OS cannot be neglected. So in this article grant us try to clear the doubt about the advantages offered by closed wellspring operating system like iOS.

We all know about close-source OS choose iOS but let cr quickly take you to flash back. A abutting source OS is the OS that is the intellectual property of an individual means all the right is with the owner like iOS owned by Apple. Apple owns every right of iOS; it is only manufactured and sold by Apple. This is what a close source meant for and no one has the right to modify the code for any personnel use. The biggest downside beside it is you have to accept all the OS as it is.

Let us list up the advantages offered by closed source:

One of the major advantages of having a vicinity source OS is it adds up security. iOS is considered as the safest and securest environment then open source OS like Android because the source of its is closed.

Main advantage with iOS is that you can embed your intellectual property in it including it will help in minimizing the risk of competition.

If you have developed app, which is surely different from the others, i.e. your idea/concept is separate from all other competitors and have developed that application in open source, it makes easy for your competitor to knock you off. Choosing close-source will help you in securing your top position for long time and competitors will struggle to knock you off. It is because your code is not available on an open source OS.

Any development of application for a close source OS like iOS will secure sure that your application is well protected from reverse engineering.

Monetary advantage with close-source OS also remains thus a added to feature for choosing closed source environment. It is because if you’re mobile usage or any app value it then users are ready to pay for the app. But if you are rencana for an openness source mobile application development, then I don’t find easy policy to generate revenue.

With an application situation targeted on close-source OS like iOS, others can’t regulate your standards for their own purpose.

Compatibility is another added vantage with closed source application development. It offers guaranteed compatibility over the devices. While same case is opposite with open source environment like Android.

These are some of the advantages offered by the close source OS like iOS. In iOS environment still iPhone industry earns again than Android applications which posses extend source environment.