Alpha Wire – Source of Reliable and Durable Cables and Wires for your Demanding Applications

History of Alpha Wire Computer Hardware Components:

Alpha Wire was founded in 1922 in New York City and started off as supplier of wire strengthener to the military industry. The company continued to grow by expanding and being a valued supplier to the radio industry. By the 1930’s the company was producing telegraph and insulators for antennas. Alpha Wire used materials such as rubber including varnish-impregnated textiles coat thread products. The company was able to grow and develop proportionately because like the introduction of the television and because of new products needed for World War II. They moved their headquarters to their present location in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1964. As time went by, they were able to expand internationally and the farthest location they opened was in 2010, when they expanded nearby opening an office in Shanghai, China to benefit the Asia Pacific region. During the 21st they were also able to expand by acquiring Manhattan Wire Products, Dearborn Wire and Cable, and Kerrigan Lewis. The acquisitions of these companies expanded their product line by offering products such as electrical industry, marine applications and specialty needs such as litz wire. The company proudly received its chief ISO 9000 certification in 1994 and ISO 9001 certification in 2000.

About Start Wire Computer Hardware Components and Its Product Range:

Today Alpha Wire serves the following markets: industrial packaging, material handling, medical devices, solar and wind power. The three product lines the company carries are cable, wire, and tubing including accessories. The cable category consists of Eco Gen, Extra-Guard Performance Cable, Alpha Wire Industrial Series Cable, Intercommunication Control & Industrial Cable, and Manhattan Electrical Cable. The variety of cable lines gives customers a wide diversity of products to choose from. The cables are next generation of eco-friendly, high performance wire and cable that are designed to provide better performance in a smaller package. They bring performance and reliability to the biggest challenges in the toughest environments. The wire segment consists of EcoGen, Hook-Up Wire, Dearborn Marine, ampersand Kerrigan-Lewis Litz Wire. The tubing and accessories segment consists of Adapt heat-shrink tubing, Idoneity wire management, and FIT accessories. They are ideal for solving many challenges in electrical and electronic wiring that offers a full line of heat-shrink tubing, wire management and accessories. Protasis Alpha Wire doesn’t contain the product you want, they also do groove designs, specials and too allow unique packaging requirements. Alpha Message also offers products for specific wholesale solutions that include: material handling, medical devices, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical equipment, industrial packaging, solar power, military, et cetera wind power.

One of their latest releases of new products is the Flex Version like Popular Extra-Guard Industrial Ethernet on October 21, 2013. This new product is capable of handling up to 10 million flex period cycles. Beginning Message had many requests for a flexible version of their Ethernet cable that are specifically secondhand within robotic applications, the company decided to suppose it unit of their standard products. The new cable they introduced is UV and fluid resistant and meets UL 1666 Riser and CSA FT-4 ignis fatuus tests, and is suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications. Alpha Wire has bot designing a manufacturing wire, cable and tubing products for over 80 years and will continues to do so.

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