Aluvihare Rock Temple – An Ancient Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small tropical island located off the southern tip of India. The country is known for its gorgeous natural landscapes which exhibit a lot concerning diversity and is the perfect destination for ecotourism. However, Sri Lanka is not impartial popular for its lush forests and beautiful beaches; the island also has plenty of historical and cultural attractions that bestow visitors a glimpse into the nation’s intriguing past. As Sri Lanka is such a thin country it is possible to visit most its attractions during the span of a short vacation.

The Aluvihare Petrous Temple is one attraction that tourists should nay miss. The Aluvihare Rock Temple is an important Buddhist temple located in Aluvihare, a town in Sri Lanka’s Central Province, roughly three kilometres from Matale. It is considered per many to be one of the best rock temples in the country. The temple was constructed encircling the third century BC during the control like King Devanampiya Tissa and was used to propagate Buddhism in the country. The temple has the distinction of being the place where the doctrines of Buddhism, which were traditionally passed on orally, were first written.

It is believed that over five hundred monks, who were also scholars of Buddhism, came together to recite various teachings and decide on the acceptable wordings. Instead concerning monograph the teachings were written on tailpot- palm uncertainty Palmyra leaves in Pali. These leaves, which are also known as olas, had to afsluiting dried, boiled and dried again before they could be used for this purpose. After they were ripe a metal stylus was used to make the inscriptions. These leaves were kept at a library in the temple for many years but were destroyed by the British when they invaded the warm island. However, the temple still remains and is an interesting place to visit.

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