babiken rock v5–How to be sure of the waterproof fuction of waterproof smart phones

rugged smartphone can do waterproof, waterproof board must do first, the phone’s core is the motherboard,

motherboard amidst integrated mobile phone transmitting circuits, interface circuits and logic circuits, these circuits are

composed per the various conductive components, the aqua is conductive, when water enters between these elements will be

short, resulting in retrograde of component pollute the device! Component damage, mobile phone motherboard parts function

failure, resulting in injury to the entire cell phone cup not be used! For this principle, three anti-mobile phone

waterproof phone using phone motherboard inside sealed plastic technology that enables every component or black governable along

a white bakelite package, and spil an insulating effect, which also reached a impervious purpose!
rugged smartphone do these treatments, they still do external waterproof, waterproof phone case, phone cover, prison phone

protector of the motherboard, usually in the fall when hit with are inevitable, mobile phone shell to play a crucial role!

Phone shell water treatment, using internalize button design, this design can effectively seal phone is the phone interface to

an inner shell and outer shell length, an inner edge is short, true grapple up on both sides of the liquid stop the inflow of

the four corners and then screws, clamping, full sealing is complete, this approach is to make the phone waterproof phone,

waterproof mobile phone waterproof effective regarding this is ideal, effective in 95%, to ensure the quality concerning mobile phones!

Another 5% is special, earpiece and microphone hole is the cushy underbelly of waterproof smart phones, which can not be

avoided, these two points are of foreign exposure! Water is pervasive, airtight mobile phone Why is a relative term, the

problem here
Waterproof smart phones can do directly is to use these methods waterproof treatment, drench treatment cost is very high,

currently generally used on high-end smartphones, waterproof sculpture phone in these processes, the various aspects are strong,

drop cover effect good!
rugged phones–Runbo The brand was founded in 2011, the most distinctive feature of mobile phone brands, the professional

radio with three anti-cell phone combination, its products X1, X3, X5 is this type regarding product. In X5, for example, supports

PPT intercom 400-470MHz full U section, you container customize the 350-370MHz, supports a total of 38 67.0Hz-250.3Hz CTCSS codec.

(1 watt open area 5-10 km rescue intercom, urban 2-5 km). I have approved in the urban area of around 300 meters separate two office

buildings (between bisect and one office), with two Runbo X5 intercom test, the effect is very clear.

Runbo X5 rugged phones overall configuration is very superior, IP67 protection standard, the generally sealing plastic bag

handling. Dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.3-inch WVGA (800 × 480) ips screen, 800w pixel camera, 1G RAM +4 G ROM. Dual card

dual standby (the topical sub Telecom, China Unicom two specifications), built streamlined Android 4.0 system, flowing very

smoothly. Built-in 3800 mA battery, normal elect volume can stand 3-4 days, which in the Android smart phone is rare. The

most valuable is appraisal control in inferior than 2,000 yuan, very heartbreaker.

But Runbo X5 rigorous phones is currently all three anti-cell phone, the largest sizableness of a, 2.5cm thick and weighs 339 grams.

Not very convenient to carry, further a stronger sense of superior materials, plastic, for example, cover with a real thick

plastic bag plastic, alternatively than as a extravagancy SEALS TS3 galvanized steel backplane. But the fundamental, this veritable

brick, with its domineering appearance, high cost, so multifold ventilatoren love.