[Bridge] ANNOUNCE: gbrctl-pre3-0.0

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Sat, 19 Feb 2000 16:33:57 +0100 (CET)Hi!I released gbrctl-pre3-0.0 today, the GNOME bridge configuration utility.When I tried to compile gbrctl at school, I experienced some trouble. Ifixed it, and it should compile fine now. To download it, just go tohttp://home.planet.nl/~kristian/gbrctl.html. gbrctl is still indevelopment, so feel free to mail all bugs reports/suggestions/etc tokristian@planet.nl.To compile gbrctl, you need to have libbridge.a installed in /usr/lib andlibbridge.h in /usr/include, else configure can’t find them. If youinstalled bridge-utils from RPM, make sure you also installed thebridge-utils-devel package. I may also release an RPM of gbrctl, when it’smore stable and useful. Kristian Rietveld

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