[Bridge] Bridge IP unreachable

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Mon, 3 Apr 2000 06:53:10 +0200 (MEST)On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Ernest Yik wrote:> Hi,Hello again, :)> > > Got a rather tricky problem here. The IP address of the bridge> > > machine (Slackware 7, 2.2.14 kernel, bridge-0.0.4+ipchains) will become> > > unreachable from both external interfaces (eth0 & eth1) after some time,> > > without any easily observable sequence or timing.> > > > > > When the bridge IP is unreachable from the outside :> > > > > > 1. Bridging function is completely normal;> > > 2. No observable problems with the output of ifconfig, brctl showbr etc;> > > 3. “ifconfig br0 down ; ifconfig br0 up” didn’t help;> > > 4. Access from the bridge to external IPs is normal (e.g. pinging an> > > external host), and after this outbound traffic, inbound traffic> > > works again.> > > > What does ‘arp -n’ on the bridge box say if it is stuck and you’re pinging> > it from somewhere?>> When the box is stuck and pinging it from another machine (on> the same network), ‘arp -n’ shows nothing.Okay, this tells me at least something. Could you send me the output of’tcpdump -i -R -e -x -v -n’ on the bridge box, whilepinging it (you can send it in private if you want) ?> So far I found that under two cases the box will come alive again :>> 1. Generate some outbound traffic from the box> 2. Accessing the box from the default gateway>> It means that when the box is stuck, it is still accessible from> hosts _outside_ the local net, through the default gateway. Please let> me know if there are any tests that I can try.Well, you could tell me some other things first. Is your network coax,hubbed ethernet or switched ethernet? What kind of network cards are inthe bridge box?> Thanks for your help.Thanks for your patience.greetings,Lennert

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