[Bridge] bridge & ipsec?

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Thu, 6 Apr 2000 02:27:20 +0200 (MEST)On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Stephen Day wrote:> Hi Lennert,Hi Stephen,> The latest distribution can be got from>ftp://ftp.xs4all.nl/pub/crypto/freeswan/freeswan-1.3.tar.gz (this> includes various utilites and the patch). Patch the kernel (in> /usr/src/linux) using “make insert”. Try http://www.freeswan.org for> more info.Well, I wasn’t all that interested in the distro. I was more interested inthe kernel patch. Anyway, looked into it, any I say you can safely deletethe two lines that refer to pkt_bridged in klips/net/ipsec/pfkey_v2.c.Could you try just that?greetings,Lennert

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