[Bridge] Bridging and load balancing

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Wed, 9 Feb 2000 15:32:42 -0800I have successfully adapted the Linux WLAN driver to work with the newbridge software. Works great.Next problem. Wireless links are slow and in some cases we would like to beable to implement two links and load balance across them. Is this somethingthat could be done in the bridge software or at least with the co-operationof the bridge?The problem is that with the current load balancing schemes it is easy toachieve load balancing by using a new interface. But how do we tell thebridge that when it sees MAC frames from one interface it should use adifferent interface to send frames back.Any suggestions?– Stuart Lynne __O _-\<,_ 604-461-7532PGP Fingerprint: 28 E2 A0 15 99 62 9A 00 (_)/ (_) 88 EC A3 EE 2D 1C 15 68

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