[Bridge] computer running bridge hangs when putting it under a high load

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Wed, 23 Aug 2000 02:45:15 +0200 (CEST)Hi,Heh.. I believe I was involved in setting this bridge up :)It sounds like marginal hardware. Can you try to put it under severenetwork stress without using the bridge code? For example: assign each NICa different subnet and run flood pings against it. This should tell youwhether the bridge code is involved or not. I guess in this case, it’snot.greetings,LennertPS Almost certainly, the realtek cards have nothing to do with this.On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Kristian Rietveld wrote:> Hi all!>> At school we’ve got a computer running linux-2.2.16br-0.0.6 which bridges> some segments of the BNC network. When we wanted to test the performance> of the bridge (to check if it’s faster than 18 computers on a single> 10Mbit BNC cable… 🙂 we started w95 (we only have 486 computers with 16> MB RAM, I know it’s slow … ) on all machines, they succeeded to find the> network and to log in. The clients access the server (NetWare 4) on the> UTP network through the bridge (which has 5 BNC connections and one UTP).> After a succeeded log on, we started Word or WordPerfect (all applications> are installed on the server) on all 18 clients at the same time. This is a> very high load on the bridge, after 23 seconds the bridging computer hangs> _completely_, we had to reset it (fortunately, this computer has an ext3> filesystem :).>> About the configuration of the computer, it currently runs> linux-2.2.16br-0.0.6. It’s a P200, with 16 MB RAM. It has the following> NICs:> – 3 3com Etherlink III (ISA) (we use the BNC connection of these cards)> – 1 NE2000 (ISA) (BNC)> – 1 NE2K-PCI (Realtek) (BNC)> – 1 3com Fast Etherlink (Cyclone, 100Mbit) (UTP)>> I heard about hangs with bridges using RealTek cards, in most cases only> the bridge hangs, and not the whole computer. So I don’t think this is the> cause of the problem. During the ‘performance test’, we only used 4> network cards (1 UTP (3com Cyclone), 3 BNC, don’t know which ones, so the> RealTek one may have been unused :). The other 2 cards weren’t used, the> clients attached to those 2 segments weren’t installed yet…>> So, summarizing, the bridge runs nearly perfectly until a very high load> is put on it.>> I hope somebody has some clues…>>> Kris>>

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