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Tue, 11 Apr 2000 17:12:25 -0600I currently have a bunch of DHCP-assigned (although they have changed in 2years, so I consider them “static”) IP’s from USWest.net that I access viaDSL.All the machines, and my Cisco 675 DSL router are all plugged into a hub.Life is good.What I would _LIKE_ to do, is put a “firewall” between the Cisco and mycurrent machines (Linux, Windows 2000, etc). I’ve been through the ipchainsHOWTO’s and the FIREWALL-HOWTO, as well as everything else I can get myhands on. Nothing seems to work. I am able to forward packets between themultiple interfaces on my “firewall / packet filter / router / whatever”.For lack of a better description, I’ve been calling what I want an”intelligent hub”. Something that appears as a piece of wire for outgoing,but lets me restrict what kind of packets come into my little network.So, I found some stuff on “bridging”, and it looks like EXACTLY what I’mafter. I compiled a new 2.2.14 kernel w/bridging enabled, and installed thebridge-utils-0.9.0-1 RPM package. I tried the `brctl addbr br0` but I getthe error message “br_add_bridge: bad address”.As an example, I have my main Linux box (and Apple iMac running LinuxPPC) at207.109.175.78. My DSL modem is at, I’m hoping for something that looks like this: –> || <-- and are interfaces on my "packetfilter" machine.I've tried simply turning on IP_FORWARD, and I can see packets from207.109.175.78 being forwarded to, but they just "disappear"there. I'm thinking maybe if I bridge <>, maybelife will be good again…?Thanks,Mike

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