[Bridge] ipchains problem

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Thu, 17 Aug 2000 18:23:16 +0300At 17:43 17.8.2000 , you wrote:>I would like to use the bridge to firewall using ipchains.>>I have managed to set up a perfectly working bridge now, but when I try and>set up the ipchains, I get very spurious results.>>my simple example is below>> ——- Firewall ——- Anything else>>my ipchains script is as follows….>>ipchains -F>ipchains -X>ipchains -N br0 (yep its called the same as my bridge)>>ipchains -A br0 -b -p tcp -s 22 -d 0/0 22 -j ACCEPT>ipchains -A br0 -p tcp -j DENY>>as far as I can work out this should block all tcp protocols getting through>except ssh (22).In your configuration you are accepting only connections thathave BOTH souce and destination ports 22. SSH, like most of the TCP procotols,however uses different (and random) source port, for example 1228. So I recommendtryingipchains -A br0 -p tcp -s -d 0/0 22 -j ACCEPTipchains -A br0 -p tcp -s 0/0 -d 22 -j ACCEPTthus allowing any source port but only 22 as destination port.–* |_/ ~~””~~. ** L a m m a z (” ) ~ ) lammaz@lammaz.net ** ————- v ( ~____ ~) ————————- ** Mikko Lammi | | | | www.lammaz.net *

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