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Mon, 21 Aug 2000 13:32:39 +0100Finally got my bridges working. 2 machines, 1 as backup. ipchainsfirewalling our setup….Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped with my problems. Cheers.Secondly, thanks to Lennert Buytenhek for writing the most useful piece ofcode I have come across since I discovered Linux ;-)I also thought I’d list my problems with solutions so that you know if theyever crop up again.My first problem was with patching the code into the a new kernel. I wasusing RedHat 6.0, and downloaded the 2.2.16 kernel. Patched it with thebridge patches. Sometimes it would seem to work and sometimes it wouldcough up an error message. Even if it seemed to work, once I booted withthe new kernel and tried compiling the bridge-utils it would report thatif_bridge.? was missing.I then tried kernel 2.2.15 and kernel 2.2.14. Finally downloaded RedHat 6.2and tried on that kernel (as that has 2.2.14 I was wondering if my compilinga new kernel was the problem). It still didn’t work. After 3 days, Ifinally cracked the problem. I was using lynx on Linux as a quick way ofgetting the patches, but it was saving the .diff file to disk, but where thelines were too long, it was cutting them off and making a new line. How Ilaughed………Once I had the machines running perfectly in the lab, I moved them to theserver room and placed them between our leased line link and the mainback-bone switch. This is were the 2nd problem cropped up. AS soon as Iplugged them in and started them up, they would both go into blocking state.The switch is a 3com superstack II 3300. I found out that the 3com switch(even with stp disabled) sends out stp signals forcing the bridges to blockforwarding. The simple solution was to place a hub between the bridges andswitch and hey-presto the bridges now work as intended.Hope this helps if anyone else comes to this list with similar problems.Cheers to everyone,—Karl BradleyNetwork ManagerWinchester CollegeTel: 01962 621115Fax: 01962 621116

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