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Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:48:33 +0100 (CET)Hello,To all people who have been seeing bridge reachability problems: pleasefollow the following instructions.1. Save the output of ‘brctl showbr br0’2. Save the output of ‘ifconfig -a’3. Save the output of ‘route’4. Save the output of ‘arp’5. Save the output of ‘tcpdump -i br0 -R -n -e -x’ while you ping the bridge from another machine.6. Save the output of ‘tcpdump -i eth0 -R -n -e -x’ while you ping the bridge from another machine.7. Wrap it all up and send it to the mailing list.I have honestly not a clue what is going on in these cases, but as it’sapparently not just a single isolated case, there _is_ something going on.Somewhere.Anyway, thanks in advance to everybody for their help.greetings,LennertOn Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Janne Liimatainen wrote:> Hello all.>> I too cannot seem to get traffic to and from the bridge working. The> bridge itself works fine and even the firewalling stuff works. (Nice!)> But no traffic seems to go out of the bridge machine itself nor from> outside to the bridge. It would be essential for me to get this working on> my bridge, a bit too much work if I need to go to the console every time a> rule needs to be changed etc…>> This is how i create the bridge:>> brctl addbr br0> brctl addif br0 eth0> brctl addif br0 eth1> ifconfig eth0> ifconfig eth1> ifconfig br0 the.ip.add.ress (netmask is>> I can then ping my own ip fine, but that is all that works. No ipchains> involved. I tried it without the ipchains-patch and same result.> I then tried disabling all the kernel options i dont absolutely need, but> to no avail.>> Ideas?>> The machine is a P200 with redhat 6.1 and a couple of 3com 590’s.>>> –> Janne Liimatainen >>>>>> _______________________________________________> Bridge mailing list – Bridge@opensource.captech.com>http://opensource.captech.com/mailman/listinfo/bridge>

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