[Bridge] Unable to transfer stream data!

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Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:49:13 +0800hello all,There are three NICs on my PC: one Realtek8139, two AMD PCnet HomePNA.Initially I install RedHat6.2 on the PC, then i patch the kernel(2.2.14) to run as a bridge, with Realtek8139 connected to a server, AMDPCnet connected to two client PC.The bridge runs very well until it transfer streams. The situation is:The server is a Windows NT server, it serves the clients with streamfiles( .asf files created by Microsoft Netshow Encoder), the clientsplay the stream files within MS Media Player, such ashttp://serverip/test.asf. The problem is that it can only play thefile for at most 1 minute, then the bridge will stop transferring thestream file. It seems that the bridges only refuse to relay stream data,becuase in this case the client PC can still connect to the NT Serverthrough FTP or network neighbour. Can anyone give me a hint?—- Best RegardsSong mailto:songjpg@21cn.com

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