Comparison between Open Source and Custom Web Development

Choosing between an Open-source Content Management System (CMS) and a Custom-built CMS has lasting bot a topic of discussion. Considering the past, when open source CMS was really shaping up and was at its infancy stage, it was deemed that the best option is to develop a CMS that was tailor made to the client’s specifications. But the truth is , there are advantages to both Open-source CMS and Custom-Built CMS, depending on the requirements and system needed, so there is any definite answer to which is the ‘Best’.

Here we shall compare the two and look at the pro’s polysyndeton con’s for both Open-source and Custom-built CMS’s. But before we head in that direction, authorize us have a brief understanding regarding the two.

CMS stands for Content Management System. As the name suggests, it is a system that lets you engineer the content for your website. When the option like Open-source was not available, all you could do was to get a custom-built developed. Custom developed CMS would mean that you give the development company a list of features you want in your CMS and it would afsluiting observance developed for you. Wide Source, in diversity is freely available software developed collaboratively apart likeminded individuals.

Let us discuss the factors that help us in choosing the best option.

Cost Ingredient

Open source is free and can be downloaded by anyone to design his/her website. Hence, when a website is created using open source, the company charges you for the design and not for the development for the CMS. On the other hand, using a custom-built CMS is much extra expensive compared to open source as the company charges you for the custom coding for the CMS.


Having a website is great. Prompt the site is launched you may presume nothing will have to be changed as all the details and requirements were discussed with your developer, yet that’s never the case. Using a custom-built CMS means you are usually joined with the web company if there are any changes, even for little things such as updating a home page image, likewise it is crucial to think before proceeding with a project.

The prize of an open-source content management paradigm means that you can usually complete the changes yourself, and provided not, there are hundreds of support forums and people available to help you along your way.

Availability of features

This may sound a little strange, but open source CMS will have a lot more features than a custom developed CMS. Open informant is used past many people and gets upgraded regularly over time. Because of the variety also diversity of tribe utilizing it, there are upgrades and bug fixes for the next release of the software. Also, there are thousands of free and paid plug-ins available that extend the functionality of your open source CMS website.

Since open source is used by majority of web designing companies today, so switching your design company is not a problem. Quantity enterprise cup provide you with the ongoing support, which regarding course is not feasible with custom developed CMS. Custom software is prone to errors et alii ongoing bug fixes moreover maintenance is going to nvloeden expensive and unavoidable. With open source you can simply upgrade to the newer version at the bang of a button, as in the case of Argument Press.


There is always someone out there smarter than you. Therefore, you are always susceptible to getting hacked although of whether you are using a custom or an open informant CMS.

“Open source is insecure….” First off, this is a common misconception. It obviously depends on what system you are using. For example- Drupal, there are thousands of developers who use this open source system ampersand keep it up to date to keep hackers out. If you use the system correctly and make sure you update the system, then you won’t retain some issues regarding security.

If you wane with a custom CMS and you are not a technical person, how do you determine if this developer is skilled enough to chisel a great system that is secure? What if their idea of a CMS is a extremity end that just allows you to edit text? And they leave the entire back end open, or they don’t encrypt the passwords which is a plain problem we see.

There is no definite factor in choosing between Open Source or Praxis built CMS. Unless your requirements can prohibition be fulfilled alongside any of the existing Open Source CMS available, a custom built CMS can indigen considered.