E2compr 0.4 User Manual – boot/root floppy

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No problem, and you can put a lot of things on it (providing you havesufficient inodes; see section I get the error `Filesystem full’.). The only precautionis, of course, to make sure that you don’t compress files that areneeded before the kernel is fully loaded and before the ext2 code can beused!!! You thus shouldn’t compress your kernel image (which isprobably already compressed) or any file in the `/boot’ directory.[pjm: I’d have thought that `System.map’ and `module-info’would be safe, but I haven’t tested that.] But you can compress dynamiclibraries and binaries without problem.

However, if you’re reading that floppy into a RAM disk, and memoryconsumption isn’t too much of a problem, then you will be better offusing the compressed ramdisk feature of the kernel instead of e2compr,as you should be able to fit more files in.

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