E2compr 0.4 User Manual – cannot mount

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If you get one of these two error messages from the kernel:

EXT2-fs: : couldn’t mount because of unsupported optional features.EXT2-fs: : couldn’t mount because of unsupported compressionalgorithms

then probably your kernel does not have support for e2compr, or was notcompiled with support for the listed compression algorithms.

Three options:

  1. Use a kernel that does support them. If the kernel that doesn’t supporte2compr is for a rescue disk, remember that you can use your normal harddisk kernel but pass the kernel a `root=/dev/fd0′ (or whatever)option.
  2. Pass the kernel the `force-compat’ mount option. At the time ofwriting, the `force-compat’ mount option is accepted only bye2compr kernels, so this probably won’t help with the first of theseproblems.
  3. Deliberately clear the FEATURE_INCOMPAT_COMPRESSION flagfrom the superblock of the filesystem you wish to mount.See section How do I uninstall e2compr?, the last two paragraphs.

If you use one of the last two options above, and later get `I/Oerror’ messages from some programs, it probably means that they tried toread part of a file that was compressed with an algorithm not supportedby the current kernel. (See the kernel log to confirm whether this isthe case or whether it’s a physical I/O error.)

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