E2compr 0.4 User Manual – mailing lists

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Two mailing lists exist for e2compr.

It is recommended that all e2compr users subscribe to at least theannouncement list, in order to be up-to-date with bug fixes.

At the time of writing, all e2compr-0.4-specific stuff is written onlyto the plain e2compr list, so in fact you should subscribe to bothmailing lists if you’re reading this document (which is specific to e2compr-0.4).

The `e2compr’ list is for general discussion for both users anddevelopers, concerning e2compr. Anyone can post to this list, whetheras a new user asking for help, or to alert users and developers of apossible bug, or to suggest a new feature, or to propose animplementation of a feature and ask for comments.

The `e2compr-announce’ list is a lower-volume list that justcontains announcements (e.g. `new version available, corrects bugsX and Y’). At present only Peter Moulder (the currentmaintainer) and the list maintainer can post to this list.

To subscribe using a web interface, go to one or both of
Those pages also let you do a number of other things.

Alternatively, send mail toe2compr-request@opensource.captech.com and/ore2compr-announce-request@opensource.captech.com containing`subscribe password address=email-address’ in eitherthe subject or body. (`address=address’ is optional if it’sthe same as the one you’re mailing from.)

For a list of the other possible mail commands, do `echo help|maile2compr-request@opensource.captech.com’.

Thanks to Christoph Lameter for setting up these lists. Send anylist problems to me (pjm@opensource.captech.com), though.

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