E2compr 0.4 User Manual – swap file

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No, don’t do this. At best you will get the error `cannot find swapsignature’. At worst, you will crash your computer.

The main reason that this doesn’t work is that the swap routinescurrently use bmap, which isn’t supported for compressedclusters.

I can see that it would be useful if we could get this to work, thoughwe’d have to be careful to avoid deadlocks (e.g. e2compr routines tryingto allocate memory, when there isn’t any memory until something’s beenswapped out). I don’t think we can very well guarantee that e2comprwon’t try to make any memory requests, so it’s more a matter of makingsure that the memory management code doesn’t wait until there’s nothingleft before trying to use e2compr services. Thus I think that thisfeature will have to wait until e2compr is accepted into the standardkernel, since memory management code changes quite frequently.

We’d also have to handle the case where the kernel is trying to write tothe swap file but there’s not enough disk space to hold the data.

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