E2compr 0.4 User Manual – Uncompressed clusters

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In some cases, a cluster does not compress well. For instance, acluster with only one block of data will not compress into less thanone block. (At the time of writing, `fragments’ are not supported inthe ext2 filesystem, so the minimum allocation grain size is a block.)Sometimes compressed data occupies more bytes than if uncompressed.In such cases we just leave the cluster as it was. For instance ifcluster #1 does not compress well, the compressed file would look likethis:

block# bytes —— —– [0] compressed data <- cluster #0 [1] missing block [2] missing block [3] missing block [4] data <- cluster #1 [5] data (does not compress well) [6] data [7] data [8] compressed data <- cluster #2 [9] compressed data [10] missing block

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