E2compr 0.4 User Manual – Usage

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Basically, a file is compressed with thecommand `chattr +c filename’, and decompressed with the command`chattr -c filename’. You can also do `chattr +c’ (etc.) on adirectory. The directory itself won’t be compressed, but any new filescreated in that directory inherit that directory’s compress flag andcompression algorithm and cluster size.(1)

Use lsattr to see if a file should be compressed or not, and tosee what compression algorithm and cluster size will be used.

Use e2ratio to see how much disk space is used by the compressedform compared to the uncompressed form.

You can also try the `-u’ or `-r’ options to lsattr.(The difference is that, for directories, e2ratio finds the diskusage of the whole directory tree, like du, whereas `lsattr-u’ only shows the space taken by the directory file, like `ls -s’.)

  • Examples: A typical (and instructive) usage pattern.

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