E2compr 0.4 User Manual – What

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E2compr is a small patch against the ext2 filesystem that allowson-the-fly compression and decompression. It compresses only regularfiles; the administrative data (superblock, inodes, directory filesetc.) are not compressed (mainly for safety reasons). Access tocompressed blocks is provided for read and write operations. Thecompression algorithm and cluster size (see section Clusters) is specifiedon a per-file basis. Directories can also be marked for compression, inwhich case every newly created file in the directory will beautomatically compressed with the same cluster size and the samealgorithm that was specified for the directory.

E2compr is not a new filesystem. It is only a patch to the ext2filesystem made to support the EXT2_COMPR_FL flag. It does notrequire you to make a new partition, and will continue to read or writeexisting ext2 filesystems. You should consider it is only a way for theread and write routines to access files that could have been created bya simple utility similar to gzip or compress. Compressed anduncompressed files will coexist nicely on your ext2 partitions.

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