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If you wish to produce packages for distributions other than Debian, feel free, and they can be distributed from the standard e2compr distribution points.

Table of contents:


  1. Install the Debian apt package if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file: deb http://e2compr.memalpha.cx/e2compr/ftp/apt binary-all/ deb http://e2compr.memalpha.cx/e2compr/ftp/apt binary-i386/ deb-src http://e2compr.memalpha.cx/e2compr/ftp/apt source/or, if you are in Australia: deb http://cvs.bofh.asn.au/e2compr/apt binary-all/ deb http://cvs.bofh.asn.au/e2compr/apt binary-i386/ deb-src http://cvs.bofh.asn.au/e2compr/apt source/If you’re familiar with apt-get then you can skip the rest of this section.
  3. Run `apt-get update’ to update the list of available packages.
  4. Get either the binary or the source package:If you have an x86, glibc2.1 (i.e. potato) system, thendo `apt-get install e2fsprogs-e2c findutils-e2c’, or whatever list of packages.Otherwise (i.e. non-x86 or non-glibc2.1), do `apt-getsource –compile e2cfsprogs e2cfindutils’ (or whatever list ofpackages). (You may prefer to use `–download-only'(`-d’) instead of `–compile’, and run`dpkg-source -x foo.dsc && cd foo&& ./debian/rules build && fakeroot ./debian/rulesbinary && cd .. && rm -rf foo-1.0’for yourself for each package, so that the build happens as non-root.)Then, as root, do `dpkg -i foo.deb …’,where `foo.deb …’ is the list of binarypackages produced, which can be found by doing `ls -ltr*.deb’.

x86 glibc-2.1-based (including Red Hat 6 on Intel) other than Debian

The Debian binaries should work fine on such systems. Just do:

$ ar x package.deb data.tar.gz $ su # tar xvzCf / data.tar.gz

(The above will write over your existing files, so you may wish to do something like (in bash / some other Bourne-style shell):

# for i in `tar tzf data.tar.gz`; do (cd /; if [ -f “$i” ]; then mv -i $i std-“$i”; fi); donejust before tar xvzCf.)

Anything else

For everyone else, the best thing is just to build from source.You may wish to upload the results to incoming on opensource.captech.com, andpost something to the e2comprlist (stating what platform they’re compiled for).

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