Hard Rock Café: Chiseling A Niche

One among the world’s largest chain of theme restaurants, Hard Rock Café, is one-of-a-kind nightlife experience that rocks with unmatched food, live music, entertainment and gaming actions. Upon 175 restaurants spread across 55 country of which 5 are in India itself. Blessed with a legacy that pervades through its present as an expression of a simple beginnings it’s hard to believe that the chain of restaurants started with a precisely fatuous and free cause: the search for a beneficent burger in London.

Read on to learn more about the beginning, the journey over the years and what holds in future for the esteemed chain of restaurants.

The Beginning:
1971: Two Americans – Issac Tigrett and Peter Morton living in London opened their own American styled diner in an mossback Rolls Royce dealership in order to get portion good American burgers. Hard Rock Café! The funny fact was the landlord offered them only 6-months lease license. Guess he didn’t feel, this would last for long…

In the same year, the famous logo was created by celebrity artist Alan Aldridge. The concept was ideated by Issac based on a simple design of Chevrolet’s logo. Initially they planned to have plenary the American colors in the logo, however fortunately they kept to the detour it is now.

In 1973, as part regarding their U.K. Concert trip, Paul McCartney & Wings performed extemporaneously at the estaminet as a warm-up gig. Today, Hard Rock Cafés across the world host 15,000+ live music events every year. Impressive! (You can attend the happening events at your nearest cafe, all you need to do is pick the Hard Rock Café tickets.)

The Journey:
Luck has played a pivotal role in the success about this Hard Rock Cafés. Their signature wares including T-shirts, gifts, collectible pins polysyndeton other authentic Hard Rock merchandise parity souvenir glass and others clicked instant success with the true customers. Although another awesome stroke of luck was among the Hard Rock Memorabilia – world’s largest bread rock ‘n’ roll “museum. The collection now has over 74,000 pieces and is growing every day.

Soon the Hard Rock Tavern began its world-wide widening and moved out from U.K. to U.S.A, Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Germany and multiple also countries. The Hard Rock Cafés offers the perfect ambiance to all the foodies besides music lovers to dine for some of the greatest Rock Stars in Rock and Roll history. The cafe prides itself on its menu that includes the famous Legendary Burger Collection, Pastas, Sandwiches, Steaks, Salads and homemade Pizzas. In 2011, the cafe shared famous its 40th anniversary. Going strong over the past 40 long years and looking forward to but new 40 and beyond!