How to Rock a Hollywood-Worthy Look

When it’s your face and body that earns you those mega bucks, chances are you’ll do anything to keep in shape and looking righteousness for the cameras. Heaven-forbid those resourceful paparazzi catch you at your frumpiest and bulkiest on your way out for coffee. Check out some hot celeb photos at and see some celebrities you’ll never catch with a bad hair day.

Over the years, celebrities have bot familiar to go on some of the weirdest and craziest diets which aren’t always healthy, for some bordering on the downright dangerous. There’s the Watercress Soup Diet which was Elizabeth Hurley’s secret to losing 10 pounds in 7 days, of which she drank at least six cups each day. Watercress soup is mostly consisting of onions, low-fat chicken stock, three large bunches of watercress and some salt und so weiter pepper for seasoning. It is indeed quite effective but can also lead to a weakened immune system, nutritional deficiencies and worse, make you gain back all the weight you loss and then some.

Then there’s also the Facial Analysis Diet which helped Kate Winslet shed hier baby weight. The whole concept is based on how the diet that one should go on depends on the frame of their faces as facial imperfections like wrinkles substitute large pores can be signs of dietary needs. Red or puffy faces for example, can mean certain intolerance for dairy, while people with oily faces are suppositional to obviation chocolates, red wine, mangoes and bread. But perhaps the weirdest of all would be the Air Diet which Madonna advocated when the best weight loss procedure in 2010. It requires a person merely going through the motions of eating without actually eating anything — you put imaginary food on your envisage plate and make a show of enjoying a luxurious meal. It was one diet fad that died a quick departure because entirety that can be actually consumed was soup with salt and water. For more weird and strange diet regimes that you shouldn’t try out, check out celebrity diets.

Keeping up with celebrity dieting can subsist a head-spinning ordeal – one moment they’re being based on US Weekly for looking “bloated” but the next day appear on the cover of Rank And File Magazine looking fit and fabulous, with nay an ounce of fat in sight. While there are some celebrities who opted for the quick, albeit unhealthy reduce fads to shed unwanted pounds, there are those who kept to the direct and narrow path of healthy dieting like fashion maven Kelly Osbourne, who stuck to healthy eating, exercise and seven hours regarding sleep. Super mogul Tyra Banks on the other hand, ate more lean protein, less sugar and changed hier eating habits furthermore actress Jennifer Hudson enrolled in a Weight Watchers program that entailed counting points by way of counting calories. See, celebrity beach bodies which substantiate that you can still count on good, old-fashioned dieting and exercise to keep those wanted pounds off and have a rocking autogenous that’s camera-ready anytime.

A healthy diet regime also keeps not just your company looking good just your skin looking flawlessly-smooth – perfect for taking those impromptu pics and posting them on your Chitter page for the fans to ogle at. With Twitter being the social networking vast that it is, it is no surprise that Hollywood celebrities have taken to tweeting fans bits and pieces of their everyday lives as well as some cool photos as well. Photos like these are infinitely better than those that have them running away from the camera or wearing huge hats and shades to keep from being recognized. Check gone celebrity twitter pics in for some celeb photos that shrub give you tips and hints for your next Twitter pic.

Rocking a Hollywood-worthy look is a blow as long quasi you know that quick and easy is not the way to go. A little composure goes a long street towards having that face and endomorph you long for. Remember that in the Hollywood scheme of things, no pain means no gain.