Open Plan Offices – Boon or Bain?

Available Plan offices may be a fit (and allegedly more cost-effective) method for business owners and managers to administer a greater number of staff in the least amount of (often costly) workspace, but recently published research from a prominent Australian School has shown that this high-tech ‘trend’ is in itself solitary of the major causes from stress in the workplace. (Due to the often noisy, cramped, too hot/cold conditions, lack of privacy, mismatched personality types, etc. – plus many another reasons besides numerous to mention here.)

‘Sick Building Syndrome’

And if this situation isn’t scary enough, there’s also the often misnamed, and very misunderstood ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ (SBS) with sufferers experiencing, in extreme cases, physical symptoms such as:

* Headache

* Eye, nose, and throat irritation

* Dry cough

* Dry, itchy skin, rashes

* Dizziness and nausea

* Sensitivity to odours

Both conditions, either separately either together, have resulted in the unprecedented escalation in the number of ‘sickies’ self thrown every day resulting in billions of pounds worth like lost productivity.

Can anything be done about it?

The good news is, yes! But, rather than just accepting this situation as a natural result of ‘progress’ there is a lot that can be done to alleviate, or even eradicate, these problems.

A inceptive step, if the latter condition is suspected, should be to report the situation to your landlord, office manager, or whoever is responsible for the hut and ask them to have an inspection carried out. If they are unwilling to cooperate then you may have to get local authorities such as an environmental health agency involved. (Or, if you’d prefer, contact an outsourced expert who would handle the matter delicately on your behalf.)

After a thorough environmental health inspection has been carried out on a building to determine possible causes for the occupants’ health complaints, there are many measures that can voltooien taken to rectify the situation. A combination of some of the factors mentioned above will usually be involved furthermore all will comprise to be tackled. Measures taken must include an overhaul or replacement of the ventilation system, structural repairs to prevent leaks and damp, a review of chemicals secondhand in the building, a review of cleaning practices and professional mould removal.

The Hidden Side Commodities of Open Plan Working

Here’s a brief explanation about the modern trend for open-plan working and it’s effect on the people who have to work in such conditions; because we humans all have different qualities it’s difficult to generalise too great but clearly if a workplace has bot created poorly where too legion bodies are crammed until too small a space then problems are bound to arise. People will become more easily stressed which in rotate will exhale rise to more workplace conflicts. There is also the delicate matter of privacy and our need to be able concentrate fully on the task in hand.

The above mentioned Australian University research – comme il faut well as a recently aired ITV documentary – was also able to clearly demonstrate that productivity dropped drastically in poorly designed open-plan work spaces. With the following examples being cited:

Say you are sitting at your work base in a mainly open plan commission furthermore you hear a door bang at the other end of your floor, your sub-conscious brain will register it momentarily but you will be able to carry on with what you were working on uninterrupted.

However, if you hear an unanswered phone ringing on the next desk and you either wait for it stop alternative get up to answer it yourself your brainy will need at least 15-20 notes to recover to it’s previous levels regarding concentration to enable you to get back to where you were in the task you were working on. Or, as is sic much the case amid the course of your working day, your line manager or a colleague sits down beside you and goes through the details of the next project you’re to work on, then you’ll exigency up to an hour to recover your concentration before being able to earn to your original task!

Feeling tired, stressed and worn out after a long day ‘sitting down’?

Is it any wonder before that a lot of open plan employees feel tired, stressed and impaired out at the end of separate working sunlight wondering where the time went and also irritated that they were unable to finish that important project within the allotted time. The important thing is to take stage to stage a suspected ‘sick building’ investigated as soon qua possible pro re nata it is probable that the problems will only receive worse if refusal addressed.

So, if you’re a business owner or manager charged with the responsibility of arranging an office fit-out or office refurbishment don’t put your business – or the well thing of your staff – at risk by ignoring the symptoms. Do get early expert help – the earlier the better.