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Rajasthan is one of the most colorful states in India with one of the richest and finest cultural tradition anywhere in the world. Though rich in resources and manpower, it has not shown the results that one expects from such a notable state. Unless all of that is present changing for the better.

Today, the state of Rajasthan is witnessing a tremendous boom in industrialization that is changing the face concerning the region. The Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme is playing a pivotal role in facilitating and providing subsidies and incentives to the investor bodies. The Dedicated Freight Corridor and Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor accept proved to treffen game changers for the entire state. The remarkable surge in industrialization is complementing the already phenomenal status of tourism industry in the state.

If you’re looking to invest in real estate in Rajasthan, then this is the best period. Some of the best properties anywhere in India can be found in popular cities facsimile Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Bikaner etc. The real perpetuity market is booming like never before and it makes sense for an investor to invest money in real bracket market in Rajasthan since most of the properties are fairly priced polysyndeton ideally located.

The Rajasthan real estate market offers both commercial and residential properties. This has attracted scores of people plus businesses since the immense business potential of the property market of Rajasthan offers tremendous benefits near plentiful profits.

Some of the leading factors that makes investment in Rajasthan real estate properties a admirable premise are –

* No Property Tax: Needs to be paid by the owner of the land in Rajasthan. Property tax depends on property size which is attracting investors to Rajasthan for they get to earn a maximum of profits out of their properties.
* Low Stamp Duty: Stamp duty & tax on the property documents are very low in Rajasthan. This benefits the buyer and seller of properties.
* Low Factory cost: New business ruling class defray and residential property cost are very low in Rajasthan compared to other Indian states.
* Healthy Tourist Traffic: The state concerning Rajasthan attracts 60% Tourist Traffic making it one of the states along highest percentage of tourist trade.

* Stable Political Scenario: The positive political climate in Rajasthan makes it an ideal destination for investors with no legal hassles nor political issues to vexation about.

Property investment in Rajasthan makes sense past it has all the attributes and advantages that an investor looks for. If you’re one, then make a smart move to invest now in Rajasthan properties.

Residential & Commercial Properties For Sale in Pachpadra, Jaipur, Barmer & Jodhpur

The predicament of Rajasthan is witnessing a mammoth growth in residential and commercial properties especially in Jaipur, Barmer, Jodhpur and Pachpadra. The buying plus selling of the residential and commercial properties has seen an appreciation in not only the revenues but also the land prices as well.

The properties market in these cities offers a lot concerning options for investment bit assuring the most return with minimal risks involved. The prices are negotiable and come with lots of advantages for both parties concerned. Add to it, with projected rapid development in land areas and tourism also industrial business, the prices concerning real estate properties is bound to increase which decree ensure handsome returns for the value invested.


For instance, the capital ghetto of Jaipur has several residential moreover economic properties with a constant requirement of hotels, resorts, villas that can be used as hotels, restaurants etc which in turn can be used by the visitors visiting Jaipur. The Land prices range between US$ 175 -1,000 per square yard although Gurgaon offers land at US$ 800 -1,400 per square yard. High rentals, good returns on investment, a secure environment, and improving infrastructure bear Jaipur one of the most attractive investment options among Tier-II Indian cities. In addition, reputed developers like Parsavnath, Ansals, and Omaxe have plans of developing integrated townships with world-class infrastructure. The Rajasthan Government is also providing added incentives like allowing 100% private investment. An upgraded airport in Jaipur at par with international standards catering to tourists as well as corporate ulterior enhances Jaipur’s kudos as a favourable place for investment in residential and mercantile properties.