openROCK Linux Kernel Mirror

The Kernel Mirror provides a complete mirror of the Linux kernelsources on a fast colocatedserver in San Jose, California. This is a push mirrorwhich is triggered by updates to the Kernel master site atTransmeta. The archive canbe accessed via ftp, http,nfs or rsync at

Ways to access the archive:

More information about kernel mirrors can be found athttp:/ For information about installation and useof Linux Kernel sources have a look at

Running your own mirror off

You can run your own mirror off using RSYNC. Read themanpage of RSYNC and then use as the module to mirror.If you would like to have a push mirror setup (your mirror istriggered when the mirror has completed an update of the site)then contact us to arrange such a setup.

Finger features

Try finger and you will get an overview of kernelversions available on This includes a list of prereleases.

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