openROCK Usenet News Services

Linux News Feeds is the root feed for the linux.* usenet hierachy. If youwant to link your usenet server into the global linux.* usenet distributionsystem please contact Christoph Lameter. You need to be runningINN and have some knowledge about INN setups to get it going. If you want afeed then we have to assume that you are a News administrator familiar withUsenet.

Gatewaying of mailing lists

Several newsgroups get mailing list traffic gated in. Mailing lists withhigh traffic content are difficult to read using email readers. The mailgateway allows the use of news readers for such high volume lists. All ofthe Debian mailing lists and some of the RedHat mailing lists are gated intousenet at

Linux News Access provides public read-only usenet access. Point yournewsreader at If your webbrowser supports newsbrowsing then you can simply click here to begin reading the linux.* usenetnews.

If you also would like to have the ability to post messages thenyou need a password from us. We have had bad experiences in the past withabuses of public posting priviledges for spamming and had to stop allowingpublic posting. Sorry.

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