rugged cell phone pouch–Like God Almighty phones–rock v5

rugged cytology phone pouch–Intercom feature is rock v5 more distinctive a feature, but also the entire mobile phone industry in the relatively new feature,
has been relatively fixed radio is single applicable to the occasion and frequent calls until the phone being an everyday vital communication tools integrated small-scale free intercom function.
Intercom character is turned on, you can adjust the normal channels und so weiter mute calls,
including measured rock v5 and car units, handheld connected call quality is great, traveling on the road rock v5 can replace the commonplace walkie-talkie.

Intercom distance roughly Test:
City area: about 2-3km
Highway: The more 8Km
And supporting the 400-470 band handheld connection is good;

rock v5 hardware configuration has improved so much with MTK 6577CPU 1G dual-core A9 core processor, with a 4.3-inch high-definition screen, high-strength tempered vitreous scratch resistant.
Terms of memory, RAM is 1G, while the ROM is 4G. In Android4.0 system operation is very smooth, and meet most of the game running.

in Stand by time, rock v5 is equipped with 3800mAh capacity lithium-ion battery. At 100% capacity, after eight hours of battery testing, which involves calls, text messaging, games, video, camera, running points, about 40% of capacity remaining.

It can be inferred, in together use, the battery formula time up to 3 days rather so is not a problem.

rugged cell phone holders–rock v5 sparkling debut, creating a “play undefended, intellectual undefended, music undefended” three anti-cell phone new ideas,
and also lamina v5 abet “China good voice” Sania Zhang Wei completed underwater “High Song” ultimate challenge, is described as “enjoy High, undefended.”

Sports camp, Jin Carnival – IP67 top standards to create the perfect civil protection,
rock v5 civil protection standards to invent the most advanced, full-body seal design, even in the depth about one meter situation can still be maintained for 30 acta along water, dirt surface of the phone can be machine washed directly .
Corning Gorilla Glass 2 generation shaped brilliant large screen, scratch resistant, the new touch technology, straighten wet hands can also voltooien a perfect operation. Except that the Department protective outer,
rock v5 also built metal support frame, and incision resistant marbled slip drop resistance. Whether romantic rain, wild desert, or the underwater world,
rock v5 triple protection – waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof so can make you comfortable movement jinqing carnival.