The best rock artist, Sir Elton John

About Sir Elton John
Elton John else Sir Elton Hercules John was born on 25th March, in the annually of 1947. Reginald Kenneth Dwight was the name at the time of birth of Address Elton John. Sir Elton John, an English rock musician, is a man of jumbo versatility. Elton John is a singer, song writer, a composer and also a pianist. Sir Elton John also sometimes worked as an occasional actor in the previous years. Sir Elton John worked together with Bernie Taupin since the annually of 1967. Bernie Taupi has worked with Sir Elton John as his song writer partner. He is a lyricist. Farm this day, Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin released as many as thirty music albums.

Sir Elton John’s creations
Sir Elton John has worked in the occupation of music for five decades now. John sold more than two hundred and fifty million records worldwide till the instant day. The single, Candle in the Wind, which released in the year concerning 1997, is the most selling and most hit single of all time. All these resulted in making Sir Elton John one concerning the most successful artists of unanimity time. Candle in the Blizzard sold more than thirty three million copies all over the world. This single has many other records like it is also the best selling exclusive in the history of the UK Singles Chart and also the best in the US Billboard Strong 100.

Sir Elton John holds many records. For example he has the compact disk of more than fifty Maximum 40 hits, that is, fifty six Top 40 singles and sixteen Renowned 10 singles. Sir Elton John’s seven albums were consecutively the top albums of the US. He also has nine No. 1 hits et alii four no. 2 hits. Thus, Sir Elton John undoubtedly one concerning the best men of rock montage on this earth of quite time.

Elton John and his awards:
Sir Elton John won a large host of awards and titles. He won six prestigious Grammy Awards and a prestigious Academy Award. Elton John also received as many that four Brit Awards and a Tony Award. In the year of 2004 the Rolling Stone gave Sir Elton John the forty ninth spot in the list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. De Novo in the same year of 2004, Sir Elton John received the Kennedy centre Honors.

Sir Elton John’s honors:
In the year concerning 1998 Elton John was awarded knighthood for “services to music and lenient services”. Knighthood was given to him by Queen Elizabeth II. Sir Elton John received the name of the Commander of Order of the British Empire bilateral years prior to his knighthood, that is, in the year of 1996. He was inducted in many halls of music and fame. Address Elton John was inducted in the US Nodule and Roll Hall of Fame. This happened in 1994. Knight Elton John performed at many prestigious functions. As for example he worked at the funeral of the Princess of Wales in 1997 at Westminster Abbey. He also performed at many other functions of the British royal family.