The New Color Kindle That Will Rock Your World!

Kindle vs. iPad- The Fight Has Begun!

The Kindle Fire has hit the market and the competition has been served notice. This product is revolutionary when considering its features, its browser speed and its reduced introductory cost of $199.This new color Kindle will certainly get the complaisance of both consumers and competitors. So here is a quick compendium of what the standout features are:

The New Features of Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire has the following features:
* 7″vibrant color screen
* Battery life for 8 hours like continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback with the wireless off.
* Access to a library content of 18 million movies, TV shows, games, songs, books, newspapers, audiobooks, magazines and docs.
* An on-device storage of 8GB for 80 apps and either 10 movies, 800 songs or 6000 books
* Dimensions of 7.5″x4.7″x.45″
* Weight of 14.6 ounces
* Has a multi-touch feature
* You can really allotment your screen with other users
* Supports Wi-Fi Networks instead Hotspots of 802.11b,802.11g, 802.11 n besides other certain enterprise networks
* It is wireless and does not require a brain
* 1 year limited warranty and service with an optional 2 year extended warranty.

Smooth As Silk

One true benefit of the Kindle Fire is the circumstance that it contains split browser software and is supported through the Amazon Silk network. Amazon Tussah is a free web service feature for the Inspire Gut that supports and provides the download contented for its users. Thread provides swift speedy for downloading from the huge number of available featured product inventories. Also the cloud computing feature of Silk means there is no need to worry concerning retention storage on the color Kindle. All your Amazon content is stored for disentangle in the Network and vessel live obtained on demand.

Why Will Your World Be Rocked?

Well did you know that just recently Amazon actually sold more downloaded books than authentic physical books? There is every indication that this trend is singly going to increase in the future. Now that you can read your books in color Kindle the experience should be more enjoyable. Surely you will be able to find your information much quicker and also eliminating storage space for report books. Vintage books are uniform free online and ready for download. And like the older models you can save the engage for finishing at a later date.

Not to Forget Your E-Mail.

The Kindle Fire has an email application that is built in that retrieves your email from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other such services. If you require other email applications they can be obtained from the Amazon Appstore for the Android System.

The River MP3 Store

Color Kindle will provide availability to more than 17 million songs in the Amazon MP3 Store. This feature solitudinarian could keep a teenager at work for hours, hopefully. It isn’t too bad for adults either.

The Buyer and Time Will Tell..

Because this Kindle is so new to the market the buyer product reviews are fewness but the initial news has been good for this revolutionary effect that provides fervor, affordability and entertainment. All this…not bad for $199.