The SF Giants’ Bruce Bochy’s 1,500 wins + The Open Champion Lefty Phil Mickelson were Both Right / Players SF

The Reds beat the Giants 9-3, but San Francisco came back to win Tuesday’s Game Two 5-3 with flyer reliever Sergio Romo closing exterior the game with one of his 4 strikeouts now welcome the Chicago Cubs to town this weekend with Social Media Night (July 26), Seraphic Pagan Consolidate Beanie night (July 27) and Marco Scutaro T-shirt night (July 28).

And Double-Tip your cap to Lefty Phil Mickelson As they say in the Atone Kingdom (mainly related to 2 back to back soccer wins), he is “two on a trot.” Having now won the Scottish Open and The Open Championship back-to-back, Lefty is now on the right side of the road and on his way to being person of the top ten golfers of group time. This is moot of course (but that kind regarding lingo has already started on sports radio, sports program networks, and on other sports sites).

The “saves” streak ended for Oakland A’s closer Grant Balfour (and with theHouston Astros finally beating our beloved A’s for the nascent time this year).

The West’s Best Athletics return home for a 10-game homestand – along 4 games against the Los Angeles Angels (Thursday-Sunday), three games against Toronto (Monday-Wednesday), and three more against Texas (the trailing Friday-Sunday). Come on in to watch Team Green.

Now that the British Open Golf tourney has concluded, and with the Tour De France now over, why else should you hail to Players at PIER 39 besides the Alcatraz views ? Whether it’s soccer (football), rugby, Australian Rules football, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), or what have you, there is everlasting something on.

Players Pier 39, and families will appreciate very much appreciate the kid’s menu and wide selection of arcade activities.

Our chefs have also concocted a opportune fruit tart to top off your tiffin and/or dinner. Fruit – good, Dessert – Yum !

We also invite you to chance on back in for some further Louis Vuitton Cup sailing viewing. As we are waterside, our place is on point for you to book corporate events while having some fine by-the-bay dining and libations in the Luau Lounge at Players. Our international sports bar, to which we affectionately transfer and greeting you in, boasts dichotomy DirecTV satellite dishes, and our Club Room andLuau Lounge will serve up some views of the freshly-lit-for-evenings Bay Bridge et alii ever-present Alcatraz including TV’s that abound in our PIER 39 sports grill.