Unless you live under a Rock

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that online video represents the hottest fashion to hit the Internet since the invention of the modem.YouTube.com reportedly receives clear 65,000 video submissions every day.
Video sites mass the TOP 10 most popular destinations online and web video frequently appears on national TV while sometimes breaking the news before the networks even know a story exists .Despite the popularity of online video, most video sites feel like the early days of radio when it comes to user- friendly features (or obvious lack thereof).
But, have not fear, the following tools will help you drastically improve both the flexibility and enjoyment you get from online videos.
** YouTube.com In Your iPod **
Most people would acquiescent that YouTube.com carries the largest selection regarding free online videos available anywhere on the net .Once you get past the skateboard crashes and cycle wrecks, some very interesting videos can be found with a little digging.
However, disparity Google Video, YouTube.com does not offer video downloads.
Google Video enables you to download almost any video in popular formats for your Apple iPod, Sony PSP, and other compatible portable video devices.YouTube.com requires you to stay on their site to watch the videos alternative illustration them on a site with embedded code which streams the content.

Either way, YouTube.com wants your eyeballs on a web page during you watch their videos so they can make bill from advertising .So, if you want to start watching YouTube.com videos on your desktop, iPod, PSP (or other compatible manageable video device), you need a little help.
This tool will do dharma that!
** grabox.com **
Virtually tout le monde online video sites stream their videos in FLV (Flash Video) format, a format that works greatly well on both PC and Mac computers over the Maze .Unfortunately, the FLV file format does not work on most portable video players, so you need a way to convert them to a file format that will work.
Grabox.com offers a free PC software program that will convert YouTube.com videos to MP4 format for use on your iPod oppositely different manageable devices, including changeable phones.

Log onto the site, look for the link that says “FLV to iPod” (currently in the lower right corner of the front page) and follow the instructions. I found the software simple, easy-to-use and straight to the point with an intuitive interface (that manner you can figure out how to use it without reading the instructions).