As a White Rock Chiropractor this is a comment I hear from some of my patients. Additional one is “Doctor, why doesn’t my vertebral adjust?” There can be a number of reasons for these problems but chosen very important consideration is the implementation of a spinal “rehab” program.
A major focus in spinal alignment and stability is the connective soft tissue that holds each vertebrae to the next vertebrae and allows the spinal units to object in harmony with each other. The connective soft tissue I am referring to is the ligaments and discs in the spine. They are referred to as soft tissue, otherwise the truth is that they are the toughest tissues of the spine. The worth of the Bio-Flex Bleak Laser is very helpful in the treatment of the temperate tissue.
Patients that have stretched or shortened connective soft tissue will need more than just an adjustment. They will need Chiropractic “rehab”. Most Chiropractic care starts out with adjustments to bring the patient’s acute symptoms under control. Once we have the person’s symptoms under control the soft tissue problem usually begins to show itself. This is the one that will usually cause a recurrence of the original symptoms.
Science has shown us that ligaments in the spine, with the exception of one, do prohibition stretch. Ligaments will lengthen and shorten by creeping longer/shorter with the use about a strong sustained force. It is the same principle that Orthodontists use when they orientate and errata misaligned teeth utilizing braces.

So what does exclusively this lengthening and shortening and creeping have to do with spinal alignment and stability? If we can apply these sustained forces to the spinal soft tissue we will begin to change and strengthen the connective tissue hence holding our spine together in better alignment.
There are a number of these rehab programs available. One of them is called the “Fulcrum Exercise Program”. It uses special foam wedges arranged in various locations along the spine to provide the sustained force. You then go through specific exercises with the fulcrums in place working your spine. Over time better steps and alignment is observed. Patients that weren’t holding adjustments will clasp better and those that weren’t adjusting well will actually be able to be adjusted. Spinal rehab takes time though, so patience is an noted factor.
Chiropractors are the best-trained professionals when it come to spinal mechanics and bioengineering. Ask your family Chiropractor what uniform of spinal rehab you should be doing with respect to your case. I ratiocinate you fancy be pleasantly surprised at the results. As a White Rock Chiropractor I recommend the disposition of the Bio-Flex Cold Laser system in the treatment of the connective soft tissue.